On The Coves board 2024

Our committed board members for 2024 make everything run smoothly at The Coves.

Feel free to contact the office with questions and we will forward to the relevant board member.


Gunther Stöger

  • Institutional and Governance
  • NPC Steering
  • Finance and Aviation

After having lived abroad as an ex-pat for many years, Gunther returned to SA in 2015. Seeking space and a safe environment, he decided to build at The Coves and loves the lifestyle it affords him and his family.

With 28 years of corporate experience spanning various roles from finance, logistics, and sales to general management and consulting, Gunther is a Global Director of a large multinational. Gunther has a degree and diploma in transport economics and is a chartered member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK.

In his spare time, his passions include flying, sport shooting and BBQ.

Gunther believes he brings a broad range of skills and experience to his role as Director of The Coves especially as it relates to business acumen, strategic visioning and providing an alternative point of view or healthy provocation to discussions in order to ensure progress. Gunther looks forward to working closely with his fellow directors to serve the community.

Nxalati Golele-Tshabalala

  • Institutional and Governance
  • NPC Steering
  • Human Resources
  • ARAC

Nxalati is married and blessed with three sons. She and her family moved to The Coves in 2017 and never intended to leave.

Her background was in sales and later she studied interior décor and design. She runs her own interior design business.

Her hobbies include reading, cycling, cooking, diving, and travelling.

She is an easy-going person who would like to contribute to The Coves community by creating an environment conducive to inner peace and well- being. Being a mother to a young family, she envisages enhancing the family experience in which children will grow and learn to celebrate diversity and


Michael Fikkert

  • Finance
  • ARAC
  • NPC Steering

Mike is a Chartered Accountant who still looks after a select few clients while running a guest lodge. He is married to Lani who is a Grade 1 Teacher at Laerskool Generaal Hendrik Schoeman and lives with his two children Karin aged 13 who loves Ballet and Athletics, and Quinn aged 12 who loves Mountain-Biking and is always the life of the party.

Mike is passionate about cycling and travelling and believes that travel is the best education you can get.

What Mike loves about The Coves Waking up every morning in the best estate around the dam and watching the birds and ducks go about their


Donn Bruwer

  • Legal
  • Sectional Title

Donn is an attorney with 20 years’ experience with BCom (Law) and LLB degrees.

He, his wife, and their two children, Luca and Lua (and their infamous dog, Lola) moved to the Coves in 2017 from Centurion. They were looking for a lifestyle change and especially for the children.

They are passionate about the outdoors and nature and immediately fell in love with The Coves when they came to view the house, they now call their home.

Donn is very much a hands-on person and would like to ensure that visions on paper are implemented in real life to the benefit of our community as a whole.

Rudo Engelbrecht

  • Risk
  • Aviation
  • Boating

Rudo and his wife Shani are both Chemical Engineers specializing in mineral processing. They have two children, Mihla age 9 and Rulof approaching 2 years. They are proud residents of Aero Cove since 2019 and enjoy the lifestyle that only the Coves can offer.

Rudo is a founder and director of Minprotech, a company delivering mineral processing technology and operational services to the South African mining industry. Rudo is also a director and owner of several properties and retail businesses and is aware of the challenges in keeping a business unit afloat. He also enjoys flying and works as a freelance commercial pilot.

For Rudo, the most valuable component of The Coves is the safe environment it offers for his family and the fact that he has never locked his house with a key since living in The Coves. This is a story that he would like to keep telling and something that is worth spending time and effort on.

Zach Mostert

  • Risk
  • Environment and Farming
  • Technical

Zach studied Microbiology and Accounting at Tuks. Accountant and Scientist on paper but entrepreneur by trade. Selling his first company at the age of 23, Zach decided not to make the same mistake again. Founder and director of several companies, the most successful of which are run with his wife Susan in the financial and audit sector, offering post-graduate online solutions … “we inspire people to go do the things that inspire them. I am convinced we can change the world by changing people’s minds – 1 day at a time.” Quite possibly the only person on LinkedIn who isn’t a “results– orientated team player with excellent interpersonal skills….” However, he will not give up on his dream to leave this a better world.”

Zach and his family moved to the Coves in 2018, after living in Schoemansville for 14 years. They moved here because they loved the trees and the farm styled life.

Zach would like to add value as a director by implementing the already well-designed solutions The Coves have available. The community is a unique mix of very skilful people that loves our shared space. The Coves need to conserve this and grow our collective potential to make our investments true to our logo … Naturally Perfect.

Nigel Henderson

  • Environmental and Farming,

  • Risk, ICT,

  • Human Resources


Nigel has worked in several Senior Executive IT operational roles during his career and was instrumental in driving service management into the IT industry.  He took early retirement in 2020 and is actively involved in stock and share portfolio management. Him and his wife Michelle also raise puppies for the Guide Dog Association of SA, as their contribution to the community.

His passion is to travel and to make the world a better place and with his knowledge and drive we believe that he will add significant value and support to the Coves board and management team.

Tiffany Whittaker

  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • ICT
  • Sectional Title
  • Community

Tiffany has a BSc in Computer Science, Statistics, and Business Management and has been in the Software and ICT sector her entire career. Tiffany continues to expand her knowledge through ongoing studies, and she will be extending this knowledge into the financial sector as she is currently employed by a financial institution specializing in the asset financing of ICT Solutions.

Tiffany has lived in The Coves for over 17 years and says that she will never leave as this is her little piece of heaven on earth with her wonderful husband and beautiful little girl. She was asked to join the board to ensure that there is sectional title representation, however, her motivation to join

was curiosity and a sense of commitment. She has been a representative on a few body corporates but never an HOA and she wants to understand the running of The Coves better as she does not feel it is fair to judge or complain about the management thereof or the directors if she has not been a representative herself. As a director, she hopes to add value to the board and to be a part of keeping this estate the beautiful haven that she has cherished for so many years.

Desmond Keeling

  • ARAC
  • Technical
  • Boating
  • NPC Steering

Desmond his Wife and their three boys moved to the Coves Estate in 2016 after seeking an alternative to living on their own farm. The Coves is a perfect fit for him and his family as it offers them qualities of farm style living within a secure and well managed environment.

Over the years Desmond has been involved in various businesses, which were mainly focused on the Steel and Woodworking industries. In 2010 he started his own Manufacturing, Plant Maintenance and equipment Supplies company, Sinter Plant Services which mainly provides services to the mining process plant. In 2015 a large multinational company purchased his business and He continued to successfully grow the business on their behalf until in 2019 he decided to buy SPS back as well as acquire SPS Mozambique. 

He Loves the outdoors and particularly enjoys cycling with his sons and a group of his friends who are also avid cyclists. The Coves allow the family to enjoy walking and boating which they enjoy together. 

With many years of experience in being an entrepreneur and a mechanically skilled person, he understands the operations involved in providing and managing services as well as maintaining systems. He believes that with his technical and practical know-how, he will be able to add to the growth and improvement of the Coves Estate.

Vincent Earp

  • NPC Steering
  • Community
  • Technical

After residing in Johannesburg for over 50 years, Vincent decided to retire to the family holiday home that was built in the Coves in 2006. He longed for the tranquil and serene lifestyle of the Coves Estate.

Having spent 25 years in Education and close to 15 years as a City Councillor in Sandton, he permanently moved with his wife Dawn in 2022. Vincent has a degree and Post Graduate Diploma from the University of the Witwatersrand and has experience garnered from working on various Committees both in Education and Municipal. These range from Organisational planning to Community Development and Infrastructure and Services. Vincent believes his range of skills developed as a Headmaster of a High School and Councillor in Sandton gives him the ability to see the bigger picture, reflecting on past and present.

In His spare time, his passion is current and international affairs, Sports, working with communities and spending quality time with family and friends. 

Vincent looks forward to working with and for the residents of the Coves community.

"In the woods we return to reason and faith."

Ralph Waldo Emerson  

The Coves Management Team


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Estate Manager


Wendy Makoti

Personal Assistant

Dries Botha

Operations Manager

Jean-Mari van Deventer

Community and Administration Manager

Joseph Chauke


Thomas Chauke


The Coves Committees

The Coves committees are always in need of willing hands to offer skills, services or time to help things run smoothly.  It’s a wonderful way to make new friends and feel more involved in your community.


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