Exploring The Coves Video Series

A video series that tells you more about life in The Coves.


Exploring The Coves – Living in paradise

We take you on a visual journey to explore the many facets of The Coves that make it such a wonderful place to live.


The early years – How it all began

In Exploring The Coves episode 2, we chat with Terry Featherstone, the project manager who led the team that developed The Coves.

The farm de Rust was purchased in 1999 and a four-year research, planning and development project was undertaken to proclaim the new township. Daphne Mackay, a property practitioner, was the first estate agent to launch sales at the estate.

Almost 20 years later, Daphne still works at The Coves. Take a journey with Terry and Daphne through these early years.


Bass dam – The hidden jewel

In this third episode of Exploring The Coves, we explore one of the jewels of The Coves.

This is Bass Dam, the old farm dam that was reconstructed as a signature feature of The Coves. Terry Featherstone, the project manager of the development team of the estate chats to us about how they designed and constructed it.


Aviation – A dream for aviation enthusiasts

This episode explores the aviation side of The Coves. It is home to many aviators and aviation enthusiasts as it provides hangars next to the runway and at homes in a section of the estate called Aero Cove.

With its private landing strip, aviators are able to make full use of their planes for business or pleasure.


Megamelus station – The bugs are winning

In episode 5 of Exploring The Coves, we chat about our Megamelus rearing station that breeds the bugs that control the Hyacinth that invades the dam during summer.

In partnership with the Rhodes University Centre for Biological Control, we rear and keep alive the weevils and plant hoppers during winter in order to release the bugs onto the first growth of the hyacinth in Spring.

This is a multi-year initiative that is showing significant control of the invasive water hyacinth on Hartbeespoort Dam.


Environment – The environmental diversity

This episode of Exploring The Coves focuses on the environment. Our payoff line, Naturally Perfect, is a reflection of concerted efforts by the Board and Environmental Committee to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the estate.

We chat with environmental scientist and long-time resident of The Coves, Brian Gardner about the environmental diversity of the estate and the planning and management required of us, as a community, to be responsible custodians of our natural heritage.


Farming – Living on a working farm

Living on a working farm is one of the many joys of calling The Coves home. In this episode of Exploring The Coves, we learn about our approach to cultivating crops on the three pivots, in partnership with local farmers.


Radio Controlled Flying – Another side of aviation

Michelle Goodrum introduces us to another facet of aviation at The Coves, this time on a smaller scale than we saw in Episode 4 of this series. We have a well-established and vibrant radio-controlled (RC) flying community.

Activities of the RC Flying Club include training of our youngsters, not only to fly RC aircraft but to build them as well.