The Countdown has begun!








The HOA will be hosting a Family Fun Day  for the first time ever.

Stand to win this trophy for your Cove, the cup will be on display in The Oaks – you will have a year of bragging rights!


How to stand a chance at being an Inter Coves Trophy Cup Winner?

Each Cove team can enter in the Potjiekos Competition and take part in the team building activities to earn points!

Rules for a Cove to enter:

  • Every team must enter in the activities where applicable. Teams can represent your Cove or can be mixed (if you want to stay with your friends) but you must nominate which Cove your team represents.
  • It’s dress-up time. Wear your team colours with pride.
  • A team must have a theme and name to suit.
  • Each team must have a war cry to be performed throughout the event.
  • Points will be awarded for the number of entrants, winners, and best war cry or dress.

Activities each Cove will need to take part in:

Potjiekos Competition

Judging will take place during the course of the event with the final judgment – the taste and plate at 16h00.
Rules available from the office.
R200.00 entry per team.

Dodge Ball (13:00 – 14:00)

Teams of 6 are required for a side. More details to follow.
(Unfortunately, kids under the age of 8 will not be able to take part in the dodge ball competition.)
For more info on the Dodge Ball click on the following link:

Pump Track Event (14:00 – 15:00)

Individual entries – but you are riding for your Cove. There will be a prize for the winner on time completed, slowest time ridden without falling and control and style. No helmet no ride.

Coves Sports (15:00 – 16:00)
Egg and spoon, balloon water toss, bag relay and whatever else our organisers can come up with. Individual entries – but again in support of your Cove. For all ages.

What else can you expect at the event?

  • Craft Beer, Wine Bar, and Glühwein
  • Market Stalls & Boot Sale
  • Jumping Castles

Don’t miss out on a fun filled day! To enter and for more info contact the HOA on 012 207 1465 or email