Governance, structure and set up of The Coves

The intention of the original structure of The Coves was that each cove would be a Section 21 company, with its own set of accounts. The individual Coves would select their own directors. Levies would be paid to the individual companies – who would then pay a joint levy to the main board. Each Cove would select a representative to be on the board of The Coves HOA. The first AGM’s of the individual Coves (except Heron – which was held in 2004) were held on 29th October 2005, followed by the first AGM of The Coves itself.

The individual Coves were combined with The Coves Governing Body – all funds and liabilities were transferred, and the companies became dormant. It was not possible (or would be extremely difficult) to close the companies down, as all the title deeds are in fact linked to these companies. Thus, it is still necessary for each company to have an AGM each year and appoint at least one director.

At this point in time, ten directors are elected to the board of The Coves at the AGM held every year – around October/November.  They are elected by the members present at the meeting.

The intention in our MOI is still to have directors representative of each cove – but also within portfolios – currently – finance, aesthetics, legal, security, infrastructure, environment and farming, communication and marketing, social, human resources, boating, aviation.

These portfolios change or have changed from time to time as the needs of the Estate change. All our directors are volunteers and receive no reward for their labour.


Our Directors

There are directors who have served more than one year on the board, in different roles and it is appropriate to recognise them as contributors to our magnificent estate.

These people have grown up with the Estate, shaped it with their hearts and hands – and it is fitting to pay tribute to them.

Mervin Brokensha

Served for six years – covering the estate maintenance, aesthetics.

David Kidson

Also served six years – as security, human resources, boating -and two years as chairman of the board.

Stephen Vivan

Two years as chairman and another two as the Legal Director

Robin Stumke

A year as chairman and a number of years on aesthetics.

And our developer – Terry Featherstone – who has been on the board as representative of the developers (and in his personal capacity) since The Coves was formed.

The Estate and the Sales Team

Daphne Mackay was appointed as the Sales Agent for the Developers. She is still with The Coves Estate and occupies the Sales office, currently under the Harcourts banner, near the traffic circle.

Heron Cove was the first Cove to be opened for sales – in 2002.  The first plot sold was to Peter Kurz, of our neighbouring farm. The old railway carriage which stood on the plot was the original sales office.

On Valentine’s Day 2004 Fish Eagle Cove was launched. The marketing team had made a serious error of judgement. A huge advert was placed in Business Day and many people arrived. However, Fish Eagle was a mielie field at that time! Mielies grow! Nobody could see the stand – never mind the pegs.

Always innovative, scaffolding was erected, and the team had to stand at the pegs waving banners and flags.  They built a ramp so that potential buyers could be driven to sufficient height to see above the mielies.

Mountain, Woodlands and Bass Cove East were all launched at the same time later in the year. The sales office had now become a container which was moved from place to place as needed.


Harcourts Sales Office as it currently looks within the estate.

The pictures above reflect three children standing in Oyster Cove (when the ground was levelled). Interesting to note that two of these are now part of our teenage group at The Coves.  Lovely to see the children growing up in this environment.


Next ... a community was developing, let's get social!

Our clubhouse and how we have built our community from then till now.