Grant Esterhuizen

Portfolios: Landscaping and outdoor lifestyle and Security

Grant is married to Martinette, who is employed at Safilo South Africa in the optical industry. He has two beautiful children a boy and a girl aged 8 and 6.

Grant owns a tree felling company – many Covers know him as a supplier of firewood. His business operates mainly in the North and West of Johannesburg. He is a keen squash player and played rugby for the Boks.

Grants vision for the Estate is to create an outdoor life environment for all to use young and old and to maximise outdoor living.

He also wants to assist Martin and Mike with Security where needed.

Jaco Barnard

Portfolios:  Estate and Infrastructure

Married to Lorette and has a son who is ‘the apple of his eye’ and a keen fisherman!

Jaco runs his own engineering company, Gravmax, which designs and builds jigging-plants to recover metal from slag dumps and do ore beneficiation. Nowadays, he spends more time on his game farm – where he farms buffalo, sable, and exotic colour variants like Black Impala.

Underwater hockey is his sport and he has played more than 64 international games and participated in 4 world cups. Nowadays he does more coaching than competing.

Jaco’s vision for The Coves is the optimisation of the infrastructure such as water and sewerage plants, which are key issues which affect the quality of our life at The Coves.

JP Fourie

Portfolios:  Aviation and Insurance

JP is single and has an adult daughter living overseas. He has a very special, fun relationship with her – which he is able to enjoy due to regular travel abroad.

He is a Director at National Airways Corporation.

His lifestyle is arranged around adventure and outdoor activities with an enduring love of nature. Motorcycling, diving, power paragliding, studying, finding culinary gems are some of his many interests. He has a hideaway in Magoebaskloof where he retreats to whenever possible. He breeds a variety of exotic parrots there.

His view of what he wants to achieve in 2019 for The Coves is:

To meaningfully contribute to enhancing our natural estate, assist fellow Covers with matters of concern, ensuring that we preserve and increase the value of our lifestyle and properties.

Andrew McGregor

Portfolios:  Marketing and Communications, IT

Andrew is married to Barbara, who has also served on the Board. They enjoy travel, wildlife (including friends) and cooking. He is a business strategist, specialising in the financial services sector.

In addition to his portfolio commitments, he serves on the Environment Committee. As a birder, his enthusiasm is matched only by his inability to identify anything smaller than an ostrich.

Andrew’s vision for 2019 is to see The Coves building its reputation as a premier estate, widely recognised for the diversity of lifestyle options available to residents.

Desmond Keeling

Portfolios: Aesthetics, Estate and Infrastructure

Desmond is married to Janine and has three boys. He is a mechanical engineer and is currently the manager of a workshop for an international company. His business is located close to The Coves – which is good for us.

His passion is working. He brings enthusiasm and drive to the board.

His vision is to grow The Coves and upgrade and make use of some of our unutilised facilities – such as the Barn.

Elspeth Flatau

Portfolios:Social and legal

Elspeth shares her life with Henner and both their families, including the dog, all of whom love visiting The Coves.

Elspeth was in Finance for most of her working life, ending up consulting in process change and improvement. She is now concentrating on her refirement career of freelance writing.

Her wish for the Estate is one of openness and transparency. The Estate Office and the Board are more visible and engaged in a two-way conversation with The Coves members, contractors, employees and neighbours.

Prof.  Ken Pettey

Portfolios: Environment and Farming

Ken is a veterinarian – and owns the Hartbeespoort Animal Clinic. He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort. He is married to Jenny and has two children and five grandchildren.

Ken has a keen interest in education innovation, videography and photography.

His ambition for The Coves is to become a 6 Star estate. To reach a perfect tranquil estate where everyone will live together harmoniously – in peace and paradise.

Mike Masemola

Portfolio – Safety and Security

Mike owns a company which does property development and acquisitions. Specifically shopping centres in emerging markets.

Mike loves cycling and boating.

His vision for The Coves is to promote social cohesion in a peaceful and safe environment.

Nxalati Golele Tshabalala

Portfolios: Aesthetics

Nxalati is the loving wife of Reginald and mother of two boys. She is an interior design and décor graduate and is self-employed.

In her words. “I am God fearing, outspoken give 110% to everything I do or touch. The sky is not my limit.” She loves cycling and adrenaline creating outdoor activities.

Her vision for The Coves is synergy, harmony and Ubuntu amongst the residents of the Estate. A well run and aesthetically pleasing space between all the dwellings and the environment. The best run Estate around Hartbeespoort.

Mike Fikkert

Portfolios: Finance and Aesthetics

Mike is a Chartered Accountant who still looks after a select few clients, while running a guest lodge. He is married to Lani and has three children a 19-year old boy and two girls, 9 & 8.

Mike is passionate about cycling. Mike is equally passionate about The Coves and loves the fact that he can stay here at Christmas as it is such a great Estate.

His ambition for The Coves is to make it a progressive estate – to take it to the next level. It should not remain static and must become a superb estate.

Dr. Tim Hutton

Portfolios: Boating, Human Resources and Sectional Title
Vice Chairman

Tim is married to Wendy. He is a strategic consultant for Higher Education and also works in the Energy and Pension Fund Sectors.

Tim and Wendy are regular rowers and spend much of the summer on the water. When Tim is not rowing – he is building boats.

Tim’s vision for the Estate is to build it into a unique niche estate with a focus on lifestyle in a naturally perfect way.