Aviation information


The Coves has a Private Airstrip, however The Coves welcomes any fellow aviator who applies with prior permission to visit family and friends at our beautiful Coves Estate. The Residents at The Coves enjoy a tranquil lifestyle in an environmentally rich countryside of mountains and water.

The reduction of noise, especially in this country environment, is an important criterion for all owners and visitors.

The Coves  (FACove)
Frequency: 125.80
S25 46 38.00 / E027 47 35.00
Elevation: 3885 FT
RADIO: JHB SR West 125.80
RUNWAY: 18/36, 900 m, Tar


The Coves Surrounding Airspace Information

The Coves is surrounded by various different Airspaces, visitors are requested to familiarize themselves with this busy Airspace.  This map has extra information for The Coves Flying Carnival.

The Coves is under Special Rules West [frequency 125.80], so the Special Rules apply and the maximum ceiling is 7,500ft.

Keep clear of the Lanseria Airspace immediately to the South of the Field.

Hartbeespoort Dam is a favourite scenic fly out destination for all kinds of aircraft in the Gauteng Area, so it can get very busy. Keep a lookout for Hot Air Balloons, Paragliding and Hang gliding, Trikes, Power Parachutes, Helicopters, Military aircraft, Normal aeroplanes and Vultures.

3NM North West of the Coves on the ridge is a Cape Griffon/Vulture Breeding Colony, please keep clear. Also, keep a sharp lookout for vultures soaring up and down the valley typically right at aircraft altitude 5,000 – 7,500 ft.


Take notice of the Hartbeesfontein Conservancy 6NM South West in the valley, no flying below 1,500 ft AGL over this protected area.

We recommend that all training manoeuvres are conducted to the North West across the ridge in FAD70 – (The Magaliesberg Flying Training Area East). This area is only 6NM (2 mins) away from The Coves so it is very close and has a generous ceiling of 10,000 ft.

If you have any Aviation queries contact The Coves Aero Club Chairman, Jason Beamish on Email: aviation@thecoves.co.za.  He will gladly assist you.

All Circuits to the WEST away from Estate. Unmanned Procedures Apply.

Private Air Field in a residential estate. Only for use by residents and their visitors.

  • Prior Permission Required.
  • No Flying over the estate.
  • Noise abatement rules in force.
  • Runway 18 preferred for landing
  • 36 for take off


  • Trees at threshold runway 36.
  • Power lines next to runway, on the Western side.
  • Game and guinea fowl on runway.
  • Vulture Breeding Colony 3nm NW, keep clear and sharp visuals for soaring vultures at aircraft altitude.

Nil on The Coves
On Flying Carnival day or by prior arrangement, fuel supplied by Skeerpoort Verspreiders 
Tel: 082 553 9611, own account.
Credit card machine available.

Private AF, own risk. Heed indemnities and warning signs.

Contact information

The Coves Aero Club

JP Fourie  (Aero club Chairman)
Tel: (+27) 83 625 4804

The Coves

Tel: (012) 207-1465
Email: aviation@thecoves.co.za