FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency contact numbers

We offer a 24-hour Security and Emergency assistance (including snakes and medical assistance)

PHONE:  012 207 1561 

Other important numbers:-

  • SA Police Services and Water Wing: 012 253 7000
  • NECSA Ambulance and Fire Brigade: 012 305 3333
  • Netcare 911:   082 911
  • NSRI – Hartbeespoort Dam: 082 990 5961
  • Snake Park help lines: 082 781 8498 / 072 856 2331



How do you become a member of the Aero Coves Flying Club?

Membership is compulsory for all Aviators using the airstrip. Membership application to the current Aviation director – details from the Estate office

How long is the airstrip?

900 metres and 3850 ft AMSL2

What are the coordinates of the airstrip

S25 46.6 E027 46

Can I fly my remote controlled plane at The Coves

Yes, in certain areas and under specific conditions. There is an RCC club which you will have to join.  They meet most Saturdays at what they call “The Mound”, a raised area at the base of Pivot 1, near Herron Cove.  There is a tarred landing strip there for planes with wheels too small to take off on grass.  The landing strip is 50 x 5m. A few of our aviators are involved in the RCC Club and train the children to fly their RCC planes.  Read more here

If you have been invited to fly into The Coves, please read all documentation here.

Building and alterations at The Coves

Can I build a property that is completely off-the-grid? Solar panels etc.

Yes subject to the Architectural Guidelines

How are building activities controlled?

This is managed by the HOA Architectural Sub-Committee (ARAC) through the Estate offices and Security personnel

May I build a swimming pool at my Sectional Title property

No, three pools are provided on common property at the Clubhouse, Waterfront and in Olive Tree for resident’s use

What do I do if I want to make alterations to my property?

All alterations, painting, even adding an airconditioner must be approved by ARAC. Plans must be submitted to them for approval

Where can I get clarity on building/boundary lines?

Your Builder and Architect may be able to help however, if there is any doubt it is better to get a professional land surveyor involved.

Will I be able to develop my garden at my property? Full title & Sectional Title

Yes subject to the rules of the HOA/Sectional Title areas. Water-wise, indigenous planting is recommended

Where can I find the Architectural Guidelines

See Documents section on this website

Can I build an environmentally friendly house at the Coves?

Yes subject to the Architectural Guidelines

If I purchase a stand, what is the process to have my plans approved?

Plans need to be approved by the Architectural Review and Aesthetics Review Committee (ARAC) in terms of the Architectural Guidelines. They are then submitted by you to Madibeng Town Council for approval.

What security arrangements are made while building at The Coves?

This is managed by Security personnel and the Architectural committee

May I build a swimming pool at my Full Title property?

Yes – subject to the rules and Architectural Guidelines

Who are the appointed Architects and Builders at The Coves?

The Coves have no formally appointed Builders or Architects for property owners. The Architectural Sub-Committee (ARAC) has an HOA appointed Architect to assist them with plan reviews.

Will I be allowed to fence my property? - Full Title & Sectional Title

Yes, for Free Hold, it will be in terms of Architectural Guidelines.

Sectional Title areas have their own rules and this would need to be discussed with their Body Corporate.


Can I have a landline at The Coves?

Telkom lines may be installed in the freehold Coves, but trunking has not been provided in the Sectional Title areas.  Our residents make use of Cell phones and VOIP.

What options are available for internet connectivity at The Coves

There are a number of options:

  • Telkom ADSL can be provided to Freehold stands and Sectional Title units.
  • Fibre can be provided to Freehold stands and Sectional Title units by an external provider.
  • The 3G/4G signal is provided by all the networks, although signal strength varies, depending on the area.
  • There are alternative wireless solutions, also area dependent. Ask the office for details or get recommendations from your neighbours.


What are the pivots used for?

Pivot 1 at Fish Eagle is planted with Sericea. Pivot 2 and 3 are planted with Eragrostis. All of these are baled and sold. Pivot 1 is experimental at this stage.

Read more about the farming side here

What Wildlife/Game can be found at The Coves?

Blesbok, jackal, spring hares, monkeys, bush babies  leguaans and other small creatures

Read more here

What are the soil conditions?

These vary across the Estate from clay to rock, top soil is recommended for indigenous, water-wise gardens

Is there a bird list at The Coves

Yes, over 200 species have been identified. There is a bird Whatsapp group at The Coves and a “spotted” list in the documents section of the website.

You can download it here too

In the area

How far is The Coves from Lanseria or OR Tambo airport?

Lanseria approximately half an hour, ORT approximately 90 minutes depending on traffic

Where is the nearest Hospital, Vet, Shopping and Business Centre?

There is a Medical Centre on the other side of the dam for broken bones etc.  Fourways Life is the closest large private hospital.  It is 45 minutes away.  Our runway is occasionally used as a Helipad for emergency services for our residents.

There are emergency names and numbers here.  Asking the community for their recommendations on a local doctor, dentist etc is widely done and you soon build your resources.

There are a number of shopping centres within 25 km – the nearest being Islands Shopping Mall about 5km away, close to Pecanwood and a smaller one 6km away called Mountain Lake.

Legal and Governance

Are pets allowed? What is the process in terms of pet applications?

Only two dogs and two cats per home. They must be registered at the office and have current rabies certificates. Other pets (for example) parrots, pythons, rabbits and donkeys) need special permission to be kept at The Coves. Apply at the Estate office.

Can I let out my property? If so, what are the rules and procedures I need to follow?

Yes, subject to the procedures in place – discuss with the Estate office

Can I live here permanently or is it only for holiday living?

Most Covers are permanently living in the estate, but there are many owners who use The Coves for leis, weekends and holidays.

Can I move freely around the different areas in the Estate?

Yes – subject to respecting other members privacy

How do I get my levy account?

“This will be e-mailed to you by our Accounting Services – Du Preez Accountants – 012 244 3003

Is there an appointed manager at The Coves? What kind of questions can I contact the manager with?

Yes – we havea full time Estate Manager. If you are unable to find the information you require on our website you are welcome to contact the Estate office – 012 207 1465

Is there staff accommodation at the Estate, if not what is available locally?

No, unless built on to the property you have purchased. There are a few formal and informal settlements in the area.

May I purchase at The Coves if I am a foreigner?


When do I start paying for my levies and rates as a new owner?

On registration of the property

How do I get my rates and taxes account?

I have not received my rates account – who do I need to contact to rectify this?

This will come from Madibeng Municipality. – There is a specialist who will assist with queries if necessary. Details from the Estate Office.

Are there separate rules and governance practices within the Sectional Title areas?

Yes. There are general rules for the whole Coves and may be additional rules for the sectional title areas obtainable from the Managing Agent of the Sectional Title units.

Do I get my own title deeds?

Yes, unless kept by the bank for security against your mortgage, in which case you will receive a copy

How big is the Estate?

196 hectares

How many of the properties are still vacant land?

All the developer stands have been sold. Approximately 45 stands are still to be developed.

How many properties are on the Estate?

There are 418 properties, 277 freehold and 141 Sectional Title Units

Is there an HOA? What is the structure of the HOA?

The Coves Governing Body NPC is a Section 21 company and is subject to the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) available on this website under documents.

Who is responsible for the Rates and Taxes, Levies and Utility Accounts?

The property owner/HOA member

Can I walk my dog on the Estate

Yes, provided they are on leash and you pick up after them. There is a dog run area at the back of the Clubhouse.

What are the levies at The Coves and what do they include?

Current levies are available from the selling agent. The HOA levy is paid by all owners and includes security, Estate Office, all common areas and facilites outside the freehold stands and sectional title areas. In addition to this, Sectional Title areas have a levy covering the Sectional Title area, including insurance, water, maintenance of common areas within that section only. The equivalent costs in freehold are paid by the homeowner directly.

Rates are payable by all owners directly to the muncipality.


How do I get my access sorted? What is needed to have my access application done?

Contact security help desk 012 207 1561. You will need proof of ownership (or lease agreement) IDs and all your family’s details, plus details of your pets, boats and golf carts.

How safe is the Estate? Have there been any incidents security or safety incidents?

The Coves is proud of its security and safety record.

Several vehicle accidents have occurred on roads outside our front gates and caution on local roads is recommended.

Who do I contact to make arrangements regarding moving in or out of The Coves?

Security Help Desk – 012 207 1561

How will access be given to my visitors?

This is managed through our Security team. An app can be downloaded for Secsyst, enabling you to give codes to your visitors

What is the process to register my domestic / gardener?

All domestic workers and Coves Employees are required to have SA identity documents or permanent residence and pass a police reference check. You can register them at the helpdesk at the main gate

What security measures are implemented at the Estate?

We have electric and palisade fences, cameras and a biometric access system. We also have 24 hour patrols, vehicle, foot and canine. See more detail on the Security page

Recreation, utilites and facilities

Can I drink the water at The Coves

Yes. Water is sourced from our own boreholes and purified at our Purion (ozone) plant. Regular testing is performed by the Estate Office. The cost is based on a sliding scale depending on consumption, it is metered per freehold stand, and charged on the monthly levy account. Sectional title areas are charged in bulk and paid within the separate levy.

Are there water restrictions? Can I water my garden?

Water is a scarce resource. We encourage waterwise gardens,regular watering days and occasional restrictions in drought conditions. Details in the Welcome Pack

How long are the walking / cycling trails?

There are over 10 kilometres of trails on the estate.

Is there a gym?

There is no gym on the estate but two gym’s less than 2km away.

There are also various fitness offers around The Coves, including the weekly Parkrun  pilates, CrossFit, aerobics and aqua aerobics

What is the watercraft policy and can anyone use the boating facilities?

All Coves residents must register their boats with the Estate office. People visiting with boats must apply for permission and adhere to The Coves rules.

When are the dustbin days? What is the procedure around the collection of my dustbin bags?

Refuse is collected on a Wednesday -Limited to 10 bags. Recycling is important and supported by the Coves – recycling waste is collected on a Thursday. Large items such as furniture/appliances are not collected.

Are the braai facilities in the common areas (waterfront and clubhouse) for our use

Yes. All the communal braais are for use of residents.

Is there rowing and kayaking at The Coves?

Yes. There is a group who get together for paddling on occasion.  We also have canoe racks at the jetty for rent so taking a quick paddle is very convenient.

For more information contact the Estate Office.

Are residents able to fish in the Hartbeespoort and Bass Dams?

Yes.  There is a catch and release policy in Bass Dam – for anything fish except Bass and Barbel. Bass eat tilapia and have become too numerous

As a purchaser, would I have access to all facilities on the Estate?


Is there a restaurant on site

Yes, there is. The Oaks is open Thursday to Sunday. See the restaurant page for opening times and menu

What facilities does the Estate offer?

The Estate has three big swimming pools (1 is for Olive Tree residents only), two paddling pools, two tennis courts, a pump bike track and a squash court plus kiddies equipment, plus a whole lot more.

Where does the electricity come from? What is the cost of the electricity per unit?

Electricity is supplied to the Coves by Eskom through Impact Metering Services. The Coves infrastructure takes the power from the Eskom line to all properties meters. Impact supply the meters and charge for electricity. The tariffs are based on Eskom tariffs.

Where is the nearest dump?

The nearest dump is at Kosmos across the dam.

Can I camp at the waterfront or other areas?

Camping overnight is not permitted in common areas.