The security of residents, staff and visitors is of paramount importance at The Coves. The Security team comprises of 22 security officers who staff the control room and patrol the estate on a 24/7 basis.

Our physical security capability includes;

  • State-of-the-art fencing
  • A total of 56 cameras (both thermal and CCTV) and surveillance equipment
  • Biometric access control for residents and permanent staff
  • A sophisticated visitor management system.

Our security service provider, Bidvest Protea Coin, is tasked with ensuring that every resident and employee feels safe and secure in the estate. They provide an integrated security service with

  • On-site and off-site alarm monitoring
  • Specialised estate armed reaction
  • Hi-tech security and tracking devices
  • Dedicated investigation support
  • First aid for medical emergencies
  • Monitoring and enforcement of estate rules.


Their carefully selected staff are trained in:

  • Estate rules
  • Access control procedures
  • Control room operation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Snake removal.

The Coves’ security procedures include

  • Perimeter fencing, the interior of the estate and the waterfront are checked every night by night shift patrols.
  • Boat patrols along the Hartbeespoort Dam shoreline
  • A patrol dog and handler on active patrol duty at night.
  • 24/7 monitoring of all movement captured by the cameras
  • Emergency procedures for information of and action by the controllers and duty manager in the event of a fire or medical emergency
  • Coves Security is linked to the local SAPS, including the water wing, and also to the CPF (Community Police Forum)
  • Access control measures, including scanning drivers’ licences and vehicle licence disks
  • Armed response back up
  • Construction sites are visited daily by the duty manager and Security Co-ordinator
  • Electric fences are tested twice during the day shift and twice during the night shift according to schedule
Our security equipment, systems and procedures are reviewed annually to ensure that our residents, their staff and visitors can be confident about their safety and the security of their property at The Coves.