Spring edition of Reflections

Welcome to the Spring 2023 edition of Reflections, The Coves’s lifestyle magazine.

This edition features a selection of articles in which we reflect on the lifestyle we enjoy as residents of The Coves. We also showcase a few personal achievements of members of our community, together with the mountain of work completed by our management team and the efforts they make to continually improve the lifestyle we enjoy.

We have often said that one of the signature attributes of The Coves is its extraordinary community spirit. Our community spirit and ethos are reflected in our well-supported social activities such as the regular wine tastings and themed evenings at The Oaks, the monthly trail run and the two big events we cover in this edition: the Family Fun Day at the Clubhouse in August and the Community Day at the Waterfront held just a few days ago.

Our community spirit also manifests in support for each other when things are not going so well. I will not easily forget the outflowing of love and support during the Covid lockdown for neighbours who were battling the virus and for our essential services team who were in onsite quarantine.

Our care and support for each other manifests in so many people, but none more so than in Brenda Featherstone, whom we miss so much. Please read Jenny Reid’s beautiful obituary for Brenda on page 4. The editorial team dedicates this issue of Reflections to the memory of Brenda and a deep appreciation for what she brought to our community for over 20 years.

If you would like to share your reflections on what living at The Coves means for you and your family, please drop us a note – community@thecoves.co.za. Pictures that reflect our lifestyle are also most welcome for publication in future editions.

I do hope you enjoy the read and look forward to seeing you “out and about”.

With warm spring wishes


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